RESERVE – Private Room Option – AA Tour 2024 – ($1646)


Choose this option to RESERVE the private room option for the All-Alaska Tour. The $1,646 cost of this option is due March 15, 2024 with the balance of the tour payment and other optional activities.

This tour is full

Single guests who want a guaranteed private room must pay a private room supplement to cover extra lodging costs.

If you choose this option, your private room would sometimes be in UU homes (with shared bathrooms), and other times it would be in commercial lodging. There are a maximum of two private room options available for each tour. Please ask about availability before registering.

If you are a single traveler who wants to avoid paying the private room fee, you must find a travel partner with whom you would be willing to share a room during the entire tour. Please let WhaleCoast Alaska know if you are looking for a roommate. We may be able to assist you.