The health and safety of each guest is WhaleCoast Alaska’s first priority. One important Covid-19 safety measure we are once again implementing for 2023 is to require all guests to submit proof that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 between February 1 and March 1, 2023; this includes any booster shots that are recommended by the CDC. We will follow the CDC guidelines in effect at the time of each tour, including mask wearing, sanitation, and social distancing. Purchase KN95 or N95 surgical face masks for the best protection while on flights and when inside with large groups. Tour directors, hosts, and tour volunteers must also be vaccinated. If you are unwilling to submit proof of vaccination and follow recommended Covid-19 safety recommendations, you should not register for a 2023 WhaleCoast Alaska tour. Your Tour Director will contact you approximately three weeks prior to departure to provide you with specific information regarding updated safety and health measures and protocols you can expect on your tour. You may be required to take a COVID-19 test, either prior to the tour or during the tour itself. Further information about the specific protocol will be provided before departure.

WhaleCoast Alaska has again modified our cancellation policy for 2023. We will allow guests who cancel their reservations through March 1 (for the National Parks Tour) or March 15 (for the All-Alaska Tour) to get their deposit refunded (minus a $10 processing fee to cover PayPal costs). By that time, you will have more information regarding the public health situation outlook for the summer. We hope that our liberal cancellation policy encourages guests to register for the 2023 tours despite the uncertainties caused by Covid-19. If you have questions about Covid-19 safety and policy, please contact WhaleCoast Alaska.