WhaleCoast Alaska Tour Directors

Tour Directors
Dave Frey
The tour director of WhaleCoast Alaska is Dave Frey, a long time resident of Alaska. Dave came to Alaska in the summer of 1981 with a backpack and a free spirit. He has never left, and his free spirit remains alive. Dave was a tour bus driver/guide in Denali National Park for his first three years in the state. He also worked 7 years as a driver/guide for Tour Alaska and Princess Tours. He started a family and a career in counseling and youth development, while maintaining his connection to tourism as a step-on guide in Fairbanks. He was the Fairbanks coordinator for the WhaleCoast Alaska tour for 7 years. He has been the Tour Director since 2008. Dave enjoys cross country skiing, biking, backpacking, traveling, citizen activism, and reading the Sunday newspaper. He recently retired from the Fairbanks School District after 3 decades in the field of chemical dependence counseling and prevention.

“I strive for a unique, authentic, and richly rewarding experience for every WhaleCoast Alaska guest. You will experience Alaska in a way that would be impossible on a typical commercial tour or on your own. I know that you will be thrilled with your WhaleCoast Alaska experience!”

Tour Directors
Cynthia Bethune
Assistant tour director Cynthia Bethune was born and raised in Fairbanks. As a seasoned and experienced sourdough, her favorite winter sports are reading and creative writing. Those are her favorite summer sports, too, but she also enjoys traveling and working on her family homestead just outside of Fairbanks. In 2012, Cynthia joined WhaleCoast Alaska as an assistant tour director. Though relatively new to tourism, she is not new to “assistance” – she works as a counseling secretary with the Fairbanks School District.

“Seeing my home state through new eyes, as well as meeting strangers one week and saying goodbye to friends the next, were very rewarding experiences for me last summer. While sharing our tour time together, I hope to be able to assist in any way that makes your visit more comfortable and enjoyable.”