Guest Comments


Our surveys show that guests value the uniqueness, the superb guest services, and the high quality activities of the WhaleCoast Alaska Tour. Below are some guest comments:

“Not only were the scenery and the wildlife absolutely spectacular--but getting to stay with local UU's and have them show us around made this so much more special and personal than a typical tour. And it was so great to be hosted and feted with a scrumptious potluck and musical entertainment by the Alaska congregations.” --Aviva E., Hillsborough, NC

“Wonderful! The activities are high quality, and it is great to meet local people. We really experienced the places we visited ‘from the inside’, through the eyes of the people who live here.” --Ron S., Seattle, WA

“An excellently planned and executed WhaleCoast Alaska tour! It was well-paced and offered plenty of options for a variety of activity levels. Congratulations on putting together such a wonderful tour and accommodating the variety of special needs that arose within the group.” --Jerry and Pat K., Brookfield, WI

“What a gift of a lifetime you have given us! The adventures and experiences were so rich and valuable. Our perspectives of Alaskan nature, history, and its amazing people have been forever impacted.” --Carolyn S. and Scott M., Davie, FL

“Takes my breath away! Splendidly conceptualized, organized, and executed. The supporting cast of UU volunteers and their generosity, hospitality, reliability, and warmth was WOW!” --MJS, Arlington, VA

"The tour was first class, the accommodations, restaurants, tours and that wonderful ferry were memorable. We became a tight, convivial group in short order. I don’t know how you put together such a quality package for this small investment. We would have spent 3 times as much on our own and still not had the intimate acquaintance with Alaska that this trip afforded us." --Judy Montgomery, Hollywood, FL

"At each stop, I felt secure that you had chosen the best highlights to share in that town or location. So many details you had to consider with moving us all, and you were so well coordinated!" --Mary S., West Bloomfield, MI

"Just a wonderful experience! Very well organized; good variety of activities; good balance of planned vs. free time. The contact with Alaskan UU’s added tremendously to the whole experience, as did the group dynamics of traveling with all the other UU’s." --Deborah Horner, Denver, CO

"Our trip felt like an incredible private tour with 30 new friends. We came home very happy." --Sue and Dick Walton, Asheville, NC

"I told my friends and family at home that I was going on my trip of my life. It happened beyond my dreams and expectations!" --Reinie Heydemann, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"The scenery, the fellowship, the leadership, the diversity of travel and experiences, the planning and expertise of our leaders--top notch! Would recommend to those who want more than a ‘cruise-ship’ type of experience." --Leonard Singer, Cleveland, OH

"We had a great time with a great group and certainly appreciated your attention to detail and the variety of activities you planned. We had once thought we could do this ourselves but when we saw your WhaleCoast itinerary, we knew we’d rather have someone do all the arranging for us. And we were right!" --Dot Bell, Gardner, ME

"I learned a lot about matters of great importance to me--the history, geology, ecology of Alaska and especially the native people." --David Trout, Adelphi, MD

"The trip met all my expectations--incredible scenery and wildlife, meeting interesting and like-minded people--intimate & small-group experiences--fascinating information about native Alaskans, Alaska and wildlife. Thank you!" --Carol Becker, Church of the Larger Fellowship

"Jam-packed with adventure; wonderful group to travel with and wonderful hosts." --Margie Kolde, Ft. Myers, FL

"Very well organized. Obviously a lot of time and thought put in the planning. Congenial sympathetic companions and leaders." --Meryl Everett, Concord, MA

(From a guest who's companion had to cancel due to medical reasons) "Travel Guard came through wonderfully for us, paying the entire cost of the WhaleCoast tour including tour options. A+ for WhaleCoast Alaska and A+ for Travel Guard." --Ken V., Rapid City, SD